Revolutionizing Healthcare with Nurse Tasking: A Streamlined Approach to Nurse Services

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Nurse Tasking: A Streamlined Approach to Nurse Services

In various aspects of our lives, we often expect specific outcomes for agreed-upon prices. From getting a haircut to vehicle repairs, we pay for a service, and it is delivered as per our expectations. However, this expectation seems to fade when it comes to professional services, particularly in healthcare.

Traditionally, two methods have dominated task completion in the healthcare field. The first involves hiring a Nurse directly, following the conventional W-4 employment approach. This grants the hiring company control over the nurse's work location, schedule, role, and expectations. While this approach offers benefits such as measurable outcomes and performance reviews, it also presents challenges, including the possibility of nurses quitting mid-task and the complexities of managing taxes and benefits. Moreover, with only a projected 6% increase in nurse availability over the next decade, there's a significant gap between demand and the available workforce.

The second traditional method is outsourcing by hiring an external firm to fill temporary or ongoing positions within the organization. However, this approach can be costlier than employing a staff nurse and is constrained by contract limitations.

This is where Nurse Tasking emerges as a transformative solution. By productizing healthcare tasks, Nurse Tasking provides better outcomes at lower prices. The tasking company takes charge of quoting, building, and completing nurse tasks with its own staff, avoiding common issues like turnover, emergencies, and resource allocation. The process revolves around three key principles: Scope (defining the task outcome), Length (establishing a timeline for completion), and Cost (agreeing upon a price for proper resource allocation and task completion). Similar to a hair stylist, the tasking company is responsible for staying within budget, meeting deadlines, and delivering the desired outcomes.

The advantages of Nurse Tasking are manifold, benefiting the hiring company with streamlined approaches and the completion of tasks that may have lingered due to resource shortages.

The next time you or your senior living community require a nurse task or project completion, whether it's been pending or demands the dedicated focus of a staff member, reach out to On it RN. We can help enhance compliance, alleviate burnout, and elevate standards in your community. Embrace the future of healthcare task management with Nurse Tasking.