Enhance Compliance

We always keep your community super organized and ready for survey. Our special team of nurses is excellent at writing down all the important stuff and following the rules, so if someone comes to check, it's easy and quick!

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Alleviate Burnout

We're here to help keep your team happy and effective! Our delegation training helps everyone get better at their jobs, and we take away some of the extra hard work from your nurse. This means your team gets to stay together and feel less tired because they're not overwhelmed with too much to do.

Our Services

Elevate Patient Care

Make sure you're always doing well in the changing healthcare world. Our nurse training helps your team learn about the newest and best ways to take care of patients. This helps your staff always get better at what you do.

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Don't Just Meet Requirements

Provide High Quality Patient Care

Nurse Delegation

Are you tired of nurse delegation services that barely meet state requirements? At On it RN, we believe your residents and caregivers deserve more. Our Premier Nurse Delegation service provides gold standard care and oversight, ensuring your residents and caregivers receive the personalized attention they deserve. Guaranteed state audit readiness, up-to-date training and procedures for caregivers, and a flat monthly rate.

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Core & Diabetes Training

Attention Executive Directors and Adult Family Home Owners! Are you looking for the most up-to-date Core and diabetic care classes for caregivers? Look no further! Our state-certified and delegated courses offer the latest knowledge and techniques to effectively manage diabetes in your care facility. Don't miss out on this opportunity to provide the best care possible for your residents. Click now to learn more!

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Senior Living Assessments

Looking for a reliable, holistic, and efficient resident assessment service? Look no further than RN Rapid Assessments. Our experienced nurses deliver assessments in just 2 business days, with clear and concise information presented in a custom format, making it easy to understand the care needs of your residents.

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    Network of Nurses

    Meet Our Team

    Meet our dedicated team of registered nurses committed to providing exceptional care and expertise to your senior community.

    Nurse Delegation Service Provider Bethany McCauley, BSN, RN
    Bethany McCauley, BSN, RN
    President, CEO, Care Navigator
    Nurse Delegation Service Provider Lexi Copley, RN
    Lexi Copley, RN
    Registered Nurse
    Nurse Delegation Service Provider Stacie Link, RN
    Stacie Link, RN
    Registered Nurse
    Happy Clients

    What Do The Community Administrators Think Of Us?

    Nurse Delegation Service in Eastern Washington

    We were able to resume our search for an adult family home without missing a day due to On it RN's timely assessment.

    Jennifer Spokane
    Nurse Delegation Service in Eastern Washington

    I love this team and the people in it!!! This is the best place to work!! If you think nursing is not fun, join us! You will know why it is great to be an RN!

    Kathleen Spokane
    Nurse Delegation Service in Eastern Washington

    I want to thank you for all your help in managing mom's care. We certainly saw a decrease in the need for hospitalizations and emergency interventions after you became involved in mom's care. Even as a registered nurse I found navigating all the different aspects of the healthcare system extremely difficult if not impossible before we contracted with TruCare Connect. Sometimes families that have a Registered Nurse need another nurse too!

    Larry Spokane
    Nurse Delegation Service in Eastern Washington

    When our mom was in the hospital, it was so helpful and reassuring to be able to call Beth with all of our questions. She helped us understand what the doctors were saying and she explained the next steps in mom's care.

    Becky Spokane